Genesis Student Accommodation in Newcastle

As one of the best places to learn and to grow as a student, Newcastle makes the perfect starting place for almost any journey. Come to this engaging and satisfying part of the North, and you’ll soon see why this is a central study point for so many students.

It’s got everything that you need, from awesome museums for learning and studying to outstanding recreational activities throughout. The various mix of bars, clubs, pubs, and even the major football stadium, St. James Park, makes it easy for you to find your place in this amazing city.

The city centre of Newcastle makes the perfect place for any student who wants to live near the university and the recreational activity. We’ve got some great, high-end Newcastle student accommodation based on Stepney Lane. With easy access to the high-end Metro transport and the train stations and buses it’s easy to get around the city or to get back home to see your parents.

Genesis has three major facilities: Anolha, Dulcie and Easton House aimed at all students, especially popular with 2nd and 3rd year students. Our properties are expertly maintained and take much of the pressure off you when it comes to becoming a consistently successful student. For a stress-free solution to living in Newcastle you need only take a look at what Genesis has waiting for you.


Life In Newcastle